We all have our pet peeves. I, for one, do not really like eating livers because they are just so disgusting (not to mention that they do not taste good at all). For some, they do not like seeing other people wearing two watches. You might have come across a person wearing a digital watch on one hand and an automatic watch on the other.

Well, is it really wrong to be wearing two watches at the same time? This article hopes to find answers as to why people choose to wear two timepieces when they go out. Read further to find out some possible answers.

Why Are People Against the Idea?

Before anything else, I want to touch on this very quickly. Why do you think people are opposed to the idea of wearing two watches at the same time? Well, it is for a variety of different reasons.

For some, they think that a person that wears two watches at the same time tries so hard to set a trend. For others, you really only need one watch, so why wear another one?

The thing is, wearing a watch also has some psychological implications and benefits as well. To some, they like wearing two timepieces as a means of self-expression.

Where I am going with this is that we shouldn’t feel too bothered if someone chooses to wear how many watches they want. If they are happy with their decision, I think we shouldn’t judge them.

Possible Reasons

Now to the meat of the article. I will now be talking about the probable reasons why people wear two watches at the same time.

They Do It as a Fashion Statement

The fashion industry, as a whole, is not a practical thing. That is because its main stance is letting the world know that fashion is all about uniqueness and beauty.

As mentioned earlier, some people wear two watches at the same time as a means of self-expression. Perhaps, they just want to make a fashion statement.


I believe that people who wear two timepieces together do so because of practical reasons. For example, if you are a pilot and are wearing two watches together, that is probably because you want to see the most accurate time in two time zones.

How about a stockbroker? They probably want to make sure that they are keeping track of world time in the best possible way so that they can latch onto the best deals whenever they are available.

I actually have a friend that wears two watches and he did say that it is indeed for practical reasons. He said that he wears a classic automatic watch (which serves as his main watch) on the left wrist and a fitness tracker on the right. One is for show and the other is for tracking steps, among other things.


Another plausible reason for the two watches is for safety reasons. Picture a diver that wears a watch to help him keep track of how much oxygen he has left in the tank and the other timepiece will tell him about the depth and temperature of the water.

Although a dive watch can do a lot of things, it might still be a good idea to have another one just in case.