As a medical assistant diploma holder, you are open with choices either to specialize in administrative or clinical assistant. Medical assistants are also responsible to make sure the record and data of patients are always updated to make sure there will be no inconvenience or miscommunication happens among everyone. medical assistant diploma  Medical assistants must understand the regulations of confidentiality. As a medical assistant, you are accountable to both the patient and the physician. Excellent medical assistants must possess both maturity and insight. These are some of the things that a medical assistant can do.
  1.       Accident and Emergency Department
For the administrative medical assistant, they will get the information of the victim or patient and record it in the system. They also will help with preparing the exam room, monitoring vital signs and anything they can do to keep the process running smoothly. For the clinical medical assistant, they are trained to perform minor treatment. So, they are able to clean wounds, stitching, do routine laboratory testing, and sanitize medical devices. Other responsibilities might include teaching patients about drugs, preparing them for x-rays, changing bandages, removing sutures, and taking blood.
  1.       Orthopedic Department
An orthopedic medical assistant is a practitioner who works in an orthopedic clinic and supports the orthopedist with patient care and administration. Other than recording the patients’ medical record, their role involves bandaging patients’ wounds, placing splints, and administering medicines. They also assist patients in regaining movement by doing range-of-motion tests to assess the type of the injury and working with them on particular muscle movement exercises. Other than the orthopedic itself, medical assistants are responsible to educate the patients’ along with their caretakers about the injuries and how to take care of it.
  1.       Health Insurance Manager
As I mentioned earlier, there are medical assistants specializing in administration. Many students who begin their careers as medical assistants go on to earn a Bachelor’s degree in Health Administration or Management. Graduates of a healthcare management degree can improve their careers in a wide range of healthcare businesses which includes being a health insurance manager. It is better for a person who has a medical background to manage health insurance because they know the medical problems. Basically, it is to help enlighten people about the importance of taking health insurance especially when you are working in a high-risk industry.
  1.       Health Counsellor
Medical assistant can be a health counsellor because they have a medical background. They are only not allowed to operate on patients or do any life-changing procedures towards their patients. They are allowed to observe patient activation, delivery system design/decision support, goal-setting items, problem-solving/contextual counselling, and follow-up/coordination. In a situation where the patient might get demotivated due to the excessive amount of treatment they get, medical assistants are allowed to help the patient by giving better explanations. Since medical assistants’ jobs are to interview the patients to get as much information, they might have a way to talk to the patients. And it might give the patients confidence to proceed with any procedures.