Men only have the luxury of wearing a couple of accessories that are appropriate no matter what they are wearing. One of those accessories is a watch and there are so many different styles out there that are fit for certain occasions.

Despite the fact that people now have smartphones that also tell the time, the value of a watch exceeds your smartphone simply because such an accessory is considered timeless.

If you already own a watch but you are deciding to buy a luxury watch that you can wear until you grow old, then read on to find out some important pieces of information that you need to know before your next purchase.

Watch Movement

If you are going to buy a watch for life, then you need to know certain watch movements. In the early days of the wristwatch, most of them were mechanical watches in Malaysia.

They are activated by a mainspring which is a certain coiled metal that, when wounded down, can activate its mechanism. You can easily spot a mechanical watch based on its smooth sweeping motion. Although manual mechanical watches are almost obsolete these days, you can find automatic mechanical watches aplenty in different stores. In fact, almost all luxury watches use this type of movement than the quartz variant.

Quartz watch movements rely on a battery to operate its quartz crystal. That will then power the entire mechanism of the watch. You can easily tell if it uses quartz movements if it has a more staggered movement on every tick of the second hand. Take note that quartz movements are typically for people who are on a budget since they are priced much lower than their automatic watch movement counterparts.

Watch Case

The watch case can help you discern if that particular watch is made for formal events or for more active individuals.

If the watch case is made of precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, or others, then this watch is great for formal events. However, if the watch case is made of steel, plastic, carbon fiber, and other similar materials, then you can expect that this is a watch that is great for casual affairs or sports-minded folks.


The right watch for you is one that fits on your wrist. It is important that you measure the diameter of your wrist so that it will be much easier for you to find one that looks good on you. If you have a smaller wrist, go for watch diameters of about 36-40mm. For larger wrists, you might have a wrist diameter of 42-50mm, though 50mm is really huge already.

Watch Size

For watch faces, go for analog displays if you want to use the watch for formal events. For sporty individuals, you may want to get one that has a digital display so that you can unlock a whole host of features such as a digital compass, a thermometer, a stopwatch, a timer, and others.