We need to keep our home clean and comfortable, after all, it is the place that we will be living. Our kitchen is a part of our home, it’s the place where we will be preparing our meal and everything. So we need to keep it clean and organize.  chemical supplier in Selangor Here are some tips to keep our kitchen clean and organize.   

Simple and Minimal 

  Keeping our kitchen simple and minimal can make it look spacious and it will be good for natural light. When decorating the kitchen it is great if you can install a cabinet up on the wall, not only you can use it to store many items but it can also make your kitchen look modern and stylish.   


  While you are waiting for your food to be done, it is great if you can clean and do the dishes. You will save a lot of time while multitasking your job like this, and you don’t have to waste time cleaning it after finish eating. You will be surprised by the number of tasks you can finish in one time.   

Cleaning tools 

  It is great if you can buy the correct tools for your kitchen, you need different kitchen tools for your kitchen cupboards, your stove, and your sink. You can buy your cleaning ingredients at the chemical supplier in SelangorHaving all of the needed tools to clean your kitchen can encourage you to clean it and keep it clean.   

Clean up your spills 

  It is normal to spill stuff when you are cooking or baking. To minimize the mess immediately wipe it, don’t wait because sometimes the longer you wait the harder it is for you to clean it off.  Any spills like water or flour will need you to clean them off immediately.   

Have a place for every item 

  You will have a lot of items in your kitchen like knives, utensils, pans, etc. To keep it organize and safe you need to have a placement to place all of these items. Place it somewhere you can see and hard for kids to take it. You do not want children to be playing with hazardous items like knives.   

Shine your floor 

  When cooking there will be a lot of oil splashing and sometimes it can splash to the floor without you noticing. So, have a day to clean your kitchen thoroughly. It is advisable if you can do it every weekend to mop and vacuum your kitchen floor. You can also dust away all of the dust on the cabinets and the unreachable crooks.   

Involve everyone

  The job of keeping your house and kitchen clean is not a one-person job. You need to involve all of the members in the house and ask for their cooperation to help you tidy and clean the kitchen. If they clean it together, they wouldn’t be making a mess in the future. You can make a board and write down an individual task for everyone to do. This will teach them responsibility and they will appreciate all of your hard work.