At this current time where other countries have been recovering from the post-pandemic phase after a few MCOs (Movement Control Order) that gave some blunt hits to the economy, Malaysia has not been that lucky. While a few countries are able to live normally without the need to wear masks, the same could not be said for Malaysia. With the current rise in our cases of COVID-19, we have been forced by another MCO in a valiant effort to curb the pandemic from getting worse. With how the government has been doing these days, we can only pray for the best and try not to get out if there’s nothing necessary for us to get. The death count has increased due to the individuals that fail to quarantine themselves and still go out wherever and whenever they want without a care for the world. It’s unfortunate how these youngsters have been able to recover from the disease quickly due to their strong immune systems, but the elders and children whom they spread the disease to have to suffer with the bad side effects like breathing difficulty and more. Hence, hopefully this MCO can make a change to the current cases of COVID-19. Let’s stay at home and if you are too bored, here are a few ideas of what you can do as hobbies. view here for casino malaysia online Online Games What is the best way to spend your time at home rather than playing online games? Even the girls should try them as it is pretty easy to play and some games have an interesting storyline with story chapters that you can unlock with every level you pass. These types of games can be time-consuming, but time is in your hands, after all. Those who have no time for this due to their busy schedule can now play these games as much as they want. There are many varieties to the types of game you can try such as racing, adventure, first-person shooter, sports and action games. You can even spend some quality time with your family by playing multiplayer online games. Besides that, you can also try online gambling where you can play Blackjack and Poker to entertain yourself during the MCO. You can view here for casino malaysia online for more games and betting. Movie Marathons If you are a huge fan of movies with sequels such as Harry Potter, Twilight and Hunger Games, this is the time for you to do movie marathons. It is a great way to pass your time and also entertain yourself with the popular movies that you have not watched yet. You can make a list of the movies you want to watch and do the marathons in the comfort of blanket forts and crunchy popcorn.  Reading Since you can easily buy books online these days, you can spend your time reading. Fantasy and sci-fi novels are recommended as the world building could make you forget how slow time can pass if you do not read. Without you realising, you will be halfway through and there is no chance of you getting bored with such novels. If you are not fond of novels, go for comics as they are also a great way to pass the time. Marvel and the Umbrella Academy comics could be a few series for you to start as they are well-loved by comic fans all around the world.  Last Words There are more ways for you to pass your time during the MCO at home, but these 3 are some good ways to start. Make sure you have fun and everything’s alright as long you stay home