If you ask me what casino game you should focus on as a complete beginner, I would direct your attention to blackjack.

Blackjack is a very easy casino game to play. It doesn’t matter if you play in an online casino or an actual casino because the rules of the game remain unchanged no matter which platform you choose.

Anyway, the premise of the game is for you to get a pair of cards that amount to, or is equal to, the number 21. As you can probably guess, the game is also called simply as the ‘21’ game.

Now for the basics. Blackjack is a very easy game to play because you will only have to be dealing with two cards. That’s right, the dealer will only give you a pair of cards to start with and those cards will influence your decision on how to move forward.

The Value of the Cards

So, how exactly will you know the value of the cards that you hold? Well, every card is represented by a numerical value. The numbered cards are easy because their value amounts to the number that is printed on the card. Remember that the suits of the card don’t matter; what matters is the value. So, whether you get 5 hearts or 5 spades, the value of the card is still 5.

The face cards or the cards king, queen, and jack all represent the number 10. The ace card? Well, this is an interesting card, to say the least. That is because the card can either represent 1 or 11 and that will depend on which is more favorable to you (which means that you can decide which value you want the card to be).

The Flow of the Game

At the start, you will be asked by the dealer to place your bets on a specific part of the blackjack table. After this, the dealer will hand out your pair of cards one by one in a clockwise direction (assuming that there are other players in the table).

Now, do remember that despite the fact that other players can join in, your cards will only be compared to what the dealer has. So, don’t worry about the other players.

Once you get your pair of cards, you will then be asked what you want to do next. If you are satisfied with your cards, you can choose to ‘Stand’ and the round ends. If you do not like your cards, you can choose to ‘Hit’ and at this point, you will be given an additional card from the shoe.

You can also double down on your bet and gain another card (while also doubling the stakes) and you can choose to split whenever you get the same value cards (which can be split into two pairs that you can use in each subsequent round).

Now, the idea here is that you beat the dealer’s cards by getting close to 21 or equal to the same value. In the event that both of your cards are of the same value, this is known as the push and you will get your original wager back (in other words, on one wins).