No one has predicted that in the year 2020 where all sorts of technological advancement are able to be invented, we are still hit with the deadly and lethal coronavirus pandemic for almost one year and a half now. This totally out-of-the-blue commotion has sent everyone across the globe into alert mode due to the infectious virus that you might contract with it through water droplets of others. This super alarming situation has heightened the public’s paranoia from each other. It is totally an extreme understatement to say that we are all living in fear. Not only we are scared to death, every one of us is living everyday in anxiety, incurable stress and worry of other relatives who are away from them. This pandemic has taken a lot of innocent lives and this definitely has taken a toll on everyone’s mental health too. As we are told to strictly follow the rules which one of them is to reduce socialization with other entities due to it bringing higher risk, people are advised to stay at home away from the crowds of public. With this implementation, it only adds up to the stress people are having. Human interaction is one of the basic needs and for them to be repressed from it can cause them mental damage especially in the midst of the pandemic. Due to this, we can look up various things and ideas on Google to know more what types of activities we should do in order to reduce the stress while also maintaining our health stable because those who are weaker in immunities would be the easier targets of the virus to hold onto. There are multiple things that you can execute to get yourself out of the boredom of being at home.  The first particular thing you can do is to keep a tight regime of exercising. Rather than just sleeping the day away doing nothing at all, it is so much better that you take this ample time to work your body out and be healthy all at the same time. When we have enough time in the day, we will be able to do a lot of things at once. You will also get a healthy and active body which will reduce the risk of you getting infected.  Next, the second thing you might want to do is to first analyze what is your most favorite thing to do. Or in other words, your hobbies. If you are into playing video games you should spend your time on it. Who knows one day you will be able to be a part of their team and become well known for winning a competition.  If you tend to be on your smartphone, you should try to download game mega888 because you will get to sharpen your casino skills and also receive a great amount of bonuses at once. There are many worth-playing games in this era. A lot of tournaments and competitions are created as electronic sports to enhance your skills.